* Please let us know if you have an allergy *

** All can be served glutenfree **


Chili beef sandwich  17.50

Raisin/fig bread with spicy beef strips, onion, mushroom and bacon


Salmon sandwich   16.00

Rosemary/sea salt bread with baked salmon, lettuce, mushroom and onion


Old Bakery sandwich   14.50

Multigrain bread with chicken, mushroom, onion, tomato, pickles and cheese


French sandwich  13.50

Rosemary sea salt bread with apple and brie from the oven, walnut and honey


Tropical chicken sandwich  14 50

Multigrain bread with chicken, fresh fruit and cashewnut


Italian sandwich  14.00

Rosemary sea salt bread hot pepperoni, cheese and tomato from the oven


Clubsandwich  15.50

Toasted Engadiner Landbread with chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, pickles and a yoghurt dressing, served with crisps


Carpaccio Sandwich  15.50

Olive bread with beef carpaccio, lettuce, pesto, pine nuts, Grana Padano cheese and balsamic-dressing


Hummus sandwich  13.50

Multigrain bread with spicy hummus, paprika, cucumber and rucola


Tuna sandwich  14 50

Multigrain bread with lettuce, homemade tuna salad and pickles


Avocado sandwich  13.50

Multigrain bread with a tapenade of sundried tomatoes, lettuce and avocado




Old Bakery Omelette  13.50

Omelette with bacon, cheese, mushroom, tomato and onion, served in a pan. With white or whole wheat bread


Salmon Omelette  16.00

Omelette with salmon, onion, mushroom and brie, served in a pan. With white or whole wheat bread


Veggie Omelette  13.50

Omelette with mixed vegetables and cheese, served in a pan. With white or whole wheat bread 


Fried egg  12.00

Fried eggs with ham, cheese and tomato on toasted Engadiner bread 


Old Bakery Salad  16.50

Mixed lettuce with honey-goat cheese. tomato, grapes, walnut and a balsamic-dressing


Club Salad  17.00

Mixed lettuce with tomato, warm bacon, chicken, onion, mushroom and sweetcorn


Tuna Salad  17.00

Mixed lettuce with tuna, tomato, olive, egg and Grana Padano cheese

Tropical Salad  16.50

Mixed lettuce with fresh fruit, tomato, paprika, brie, cashewnuts and a honey-mostard dressing 


All salads are served with bread 

Something sweet

Applepie (gluten free) 4.75

Cheesecake  4.75

Triple chocolate cheesecake (gluten free)  4.75

Carrotcake (gluten free) 4.75

Brownie (gluten free) 4.75

Chocolate chip cookies  4.50

Scone with jam and clotted cream  4.75

Fruitsalade with yoghurt  6.50

Smoothie  6.50

Cream tea  17.50

2 scones with jam and clotted cream and a pot of tea





Double espresso  



Café au lait  

Latte Macchiato  

Fresh mint tea with honey  

Fresh ginger tea with lemon


Fresh orange juice  

Schulp apple juice  

Schulp pear juice  

Schulp apple and elderberry juice  

Schulp apple and cranberry juice 

Schulp apple and strawberry juice 

Coca cola  
Coca cola zero  

Bitter lemon  


Lipton ice tea  

Lipton ice tea green  

Chaudfontaine rood/blauw  




Sterck5  (beer) 

Housewine white Chardonnay 

Housewine red Merlot  

Housewine rosé